Advanced Testing Instruments Corporation provides the North American market with state-of-the-art laboratory and on-line testing machinery, as well as spare parts and consumables for all product lines. The ATI Technical Department performs and schedules calibrations and service for all instruments.

Our products include testing equipment for air permeability, water resistance, tearing strength, abrasion, tensile strength, corrosion, light & weathering fastness, color fastness, color matching, compression, package integrity, as well as basic laboratory equipment. Our instruments are used through out the world in the Textile, Chemical, Plastic, Paint, Automotive, Aerospace, Military, Paper, Medical, Foam, and Packaging Industries.

Our goal is to provide the market place with the most sophisticated state-of-the-art testing equipment available for today’s stringent quality control needs.







ATI is the exclusive sales and service representative in North America for TEXTEST AG, Zurich, Switzerland. TEXTEST manufactures testing equipment for the measurement of Air Permeability, Hydrostatic Head, and Elmendorf Tearing Strength. The company specializes in on-line measurement of Air Permeability; Thickness, and Basis weight.







Hanatek Instruments Bexhill-on-Sea East Sussex, England

The Hanatek range of products are designed to fulfill the testing needs of the packaging industry from raw material through finished product.  All products are manufactured in an ISO9001 environment. It is our mission to supply the highest quality instruments at exceptional value that allow our customers to add value by understanding the physical characteristics of their materials throughout their life cycle





ATI is the exclusive sales and service representative in North America for James H. HEAL & Co. Ltd. Halifax, England. James Heal manufactures testing equipment for the measurement of Abrasion & Pilling, Washing and Dry Cleaning Color Fastness, Tensile Strength, Digital Crimp, Xenon Arc Light fastness, Spray Rating, Crease & Wrinkle Recovery, Programmable Washing and Tumble Dryers, Elmendorf Tear, Fabric Extension & Seam Slippage, Color Fastness Testing & Assessment Cabinets.





Gintronic Hurrliberg Switzerland specializing in Water Vapor Permability Tester. With GraviTest the determination of water vapour transmission rates of polymeric films and other sheet materials by gravimetric method becomes mere child’s play. 

GraviTest offers simple specimen preparation, user-friendly PC-software and the complete automation of the measuring process. This, in combination with the accurate and robust balance, allows for high-precision gravimetric measurement of water vapour permeability, with a minimum of expenditure of time on the user’s side.

GraviTest conforms to the most important international standards: 
ASTM E96, ISO 2528, EN ISO 12572, EN 1931, BS 3177, DIN 53122 (Part1) and others. 
The results of the measurement will be represented in a chart and stored by the PC software. 






ATI is the exclusive representative in the United States for CO.FO.ME.GRA, Milan, Italy. CO.FO.ME.GRA manufactures corrosion testing equipment and tabletop weathering and light fastness testers. The new 1500RH and 2500RH have humidity control and are among the most reasonably priced Xenon Arc Testers in the world. The 1500RH and 2500RH comply with AATCC TM 16, 2003. 







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Aneolia is a French company specialized in gas instruments for packaging control. Our expertise mainly concerns gases in air.

Our innovative, flexible and bespoken architectures answer to specific needs of our customers, and fit various industrial constraints in several fields:

  • Food industry : our first know-how, with a complete range of gas analyzers and leak detectors device for integrity control of packages
  • Artefacts decontamination
  • Industrial personal safety in confined areas with risk of gas pollution
  • Medical application : control of distribution wall plugs of medical gas network at hospital
  • Gas monitoring in industrial processes (gas mixers outputs, metal industry controlled atmosphere,…

















 Air Permeability Tester







 Advanced Friction Tester















 Gravitest Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate ( MVTR)






















Gas Analyzer

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