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Compact Friction Tester

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Compact Friction Tester

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The NEW Hanatek Compact Friction Tester from Rhopoint Instruments Ltd. (CFT) is an easy to use instrument for testing the friction characteristics of plastic film, paper, carton board, laminates, foils and many other packaging materials. The instrument provides both static and dynamic COF values and a force curve showing the full surface profile.


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For maximum repeatability independent of operator the instrument offers:

1. Unique sled placement system:

This ensures that the test starting position is always the same and eliminates static friction errors due to manual positioning.

2. Controlled dwell time:

The contact time the two substrates are in contact for before the test begins is user definable (up to 15 seconds).  This ensures that the effect of blocking due to uncontrolled dwell time is removed.



Compact Friction Tester


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