ATI is the exclusive sales and service representative in the North America for James H. HEAL & Co. Ltd. Halifax, England. James Heal manufactures testing equipment for the measurement of Martindale Abrasion & Pilling, Washing and Dry Cleaning Color Fastness, Universal Tensile Strength, Digital Crimp, Warp, Tension Meters, Xenon Arc Light & Weathering, Spray Rating, Crease & Wrinkle Recovery, Programmable Washing and Tumble Dryers, Elmendorf Tear, Fabric Extension & Seam Slippage, Color Fastness Testing & Assessment Cabinets.


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Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester Model No. 1309 

The Nu-Martindale 1309 is one of the Martindale Abrasion and Pilling Tester from James H. Heal & Company. The instrument can be ordered as an two, five, or nine station instrument.




Truburst3 Intelligent Bursting Strength Tester

With a maximum capacity of 1000kPa/145psi, Model 801 is suitable for the majority of textile specimens including, cyclic testing of elastomeric materials, as well as for many paper, board, and other similar materials.






Titan4 Universal Strength Tester

The Titan 4 is a multipurpose tensile tester, designed specifically for testing textile products: yarn, fabrics, garments, and security of attachments. It is easily adaptable to test other substrates like leather, paper, or plastics.





Elmatear2 Intelligent Digital Tear Tester

Heal's Elmatear2 is a powerful and veratile Digital Tear tester for accurately testing textiles, nonwovens, and a wide variety of similar materials, including paper, board, and plastic. 









Impulse2 Model No. 816

The Impulse2 is a Random Tumble Pilling Tester designed to comply with ASTM D 3512 and Part 3 of ISO 12945 (draft). The convenient modular design allows up to 4 instruments to be linked together, utilizing a single power and compressed air input.







TruFade Colour Fastness

TruFade truly revolutionises laboratory light fastness testing . James Heal has combined years of accumulated engineering and applications expertise to create a Light Fastness Tester which streamlines and simplifies a difficult area of colour fastness testing.

Every function of TruFade has been carefully designed with the user in mind. TruFade is wholly standards compliant and delivers accurate and reliable results every time!

Key Features:

  • High performance, air-cooled xenon lamp
  • Interchangeable filter systems for switching between ISO and AATCC standards
  • Blue Wool and Controlled Irradiance operating modes
  • SolarSens Radiometer incorporating Black Standard Thermometer (BST)
  • Up to 27 sample holder faces giving a total exposure area of 1640cm2
  • Exceptionally low running costs
  • Complies with international standards for testing textiles and leather
  • Compact, highly ergonomic and stylish design



Oribitor PILLING & SNAGGING TESTER Model No. 516

The Orbitor can be used to test both woven and knitted materials. It complies in full with the requirements of EN ISO 12945-1 Textiles-Determination of fabric propensity to surface fuzzing and pilling. 



Gyrowash 815/8 and 815/20 

With a maximum capacity of 8 large or 8 small test vessels and an attractive price, the 815/8 is the most cost-effective single bath Gyrowash, ideal for laboratories carrying out low volumes of washing and dry cleaning colour fastness testing to European and American Standards.







Dynawash 825 

Garment and Printed Fabric Durability Tester 

Dynawash 825 is used for the assessment of durability of garments and garment components, print durability, pleat retention, waddings, quilted waddings, cockling (differential shrinkage), flock retention, crinkle, seersucker, and collars and cuffs.







Thermaplate Colour Fastness and Stability Tester Model No. 620 

One of the many purposes of the Thermaplate is to determine a fabric's colorfastness to dry heat, hot pressing, thermal stability, and sublimation fastness.







Crockmaster 680

Motorized smooth, precision-engineered mechanism with a pre-settable, digital counter, guaranteed accuracy of loading and stroke length.





Crockmaster 670 

The Crockmaster offers a smooth, precision-engineered mechanism built-in, digital counter (battery-operated) guaranteed accuracy of loading and stroke length easy-to-use, polycarbonate specimen clamp                                     .



 Spray Rating Tester Model No. 513

The Spray Test is a simple method to determine the resistance of any fabric, which may or may not have been given a water-resistant or water-repellent finish, to surface wetting by water.  

spray rating teater

Crease Angle Recovery Tester 150

The Crease Recovery Angle Tester is used to determine the recovery from creasing of a horizontally folded specimen by measuring the angle of recovery. 

Crease Tester

Wrinkle Recovery Tester Model No. 155 

The Wrinkle Recovery Tester is used to determine the appearance of textile fabrics after induced wrinkling.

Wrinkle Tester

Perspirometer Colour Fastness Tester Model No. 290 

The Perspirometer applies a specified pressure to a package of test speciments separated by acrylic or glass plates. The spring loaded mechanism ensures the correct pressure is maintained when the loading weight is removed. Two loading weights are available to accomodate the requirements of the ISO and AATCC test methods.


Yellowing Test Kit 

This is a simple, predictive test typically used to assess the potential of white or pastel colored materials to yellow due to the migration of oxides. This test is specific to phenolic yellowing. Complies to AATCC, ISO, M&S, and TESCO.


Yellowing test

Sample Cutters Model Nos. 230 

Sample Cutters rapidly, accurately, and safely cut out circular specimens of fixed diameter. Virtually any type material can be accommodated, inclucing woven, non-woven, knitted textiles, carpet, film, foam, plastics, paper, and board. Standard and special order sizes available.

Sample Holder

Drape Tester Model No. 655

Designed to provide a simple method of measuring fabric drape. This tester evaluates the finished aesthetics and functionality of fabrics and the created garment.

Drape Tester

Piece Glasses and Pick Counters 

Used for the magnification and counting of picks and ends in woven fabrics. Also used to count the course and wells in knitted fabrics.



SnagPod Snagging Resisting Tester 

The SnagPod is offered as an additional test chamber for a HEAL's ICI Pilling Tester or a later generation Orbitor.



Wascator-Programmable Automatic Washing Machine Model No. FOM71 CLS 

Used to determine the stability of fabrics and garments to washing and to investigate the effects of detergents and chemicals.





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