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Lawson Hemphill - Constant Tension | Friction Meter

Elastomeric Yarn Knitter

The  Elastomeric Yarn Knitter has the ability to knit bare elastomeric yarn and to lay in for recovery evaluation of elastomeric yarn.  The plating whereas the yarn feed device is adapted to the simultaneously feed elastic and non-elastic yarns to the needles of the knitting machine.

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Constant Tension Transport

The latest model of the CTT base unit, the E-CTT is built with new, fully electronic technology. This technology allows testing at increased speeds.

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Constant Tension Tester

Lawson Hemphill Constant Tension Transport for Elastomeric Yarns, CTT-E is a dynamic quality control test instrumet, specifically designed for the elastomic yarn marlet in mind.

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Digital Friction Meter

The LH-604 Lawson Hemphill’s Digital Friction Meter is a reliable and economical method for computing yarn coefficient of fricton (μ). Windows XP® software has been added which allows the DFM readout to be connected directly to your personal computer or lap top with a complete statistical package. Readout data includes coefficient of friction (μ), COF averages with standard deviation statistics, limits for high and low and one-button transfer of results to Excel or CSV file. Also graph and histogram are provided. 

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Draw Force Tester

DFT is a stand-alone Draw Force Tester. The instrument measures the Draw Force of the POY as it passes through the heater under constant extension. The textile industry uses Draw Force Measurement to check the uniformity of the POY before texturizing and FDY production. It is ideal for use in production control and R&D labs as well as dyeing plants.

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Draw Force Tester with SAK Package Changer

When equipped with the Sample Automatic Splicer, SAK as the system package changer, the DFT-SAK will run continuously maximizing the test efficiency. The operator can preload 36 yarn ends in SAK Rotary Magazine and the yarn ends will be spliced automatically, ensuring non-stop draw force measurement.

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 Manual Twist Tester
*Hand Twist Tester for single and twisted yarns
*Hand Wheel Driven
*Elongation indicator up to 100 mm with accuracy of 1 mm
*Equipped with two mechanical counters, one for “S” twist, the other for “Z” twist
*Clamp distance is variable from 1 to 50 cm (0.5 to 20 in)
*Counter- 2 mechanical at 5 digits

*Includes a case of weights (1,2,3,5,10,15,30) up to 60 grams for yarn pre-tension

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Electronic Twist Tester

The ETT Electronic Twist Tester is a motorized unit consisting of two clamps. One clamp is adjustable for varying sample length before and during a test and a second clamp is rotated in either direction to measure counts.

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The Dynamic Modulus Tester is a complete system that measures Sonic Velocity through materials. Physical properties derived from sonic velocity include modulus of elasticity, material anisotropy, molecular orientation in fibers and films as well as orientation of fibers in a web.

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Electronic Inspection Board

The Electronic Inspection Board, EIB-E offers entanglement analysis based on the dynamic yarn diameter
measurements. A CCD camera is used to measure the diameter values with 3.5micron precision when the yarn is moving at test speeds up to 300m/min.
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 Yarn Friction Meter

Lawson Hemphill Yarn Friction Meter, YFM is a small, handheld, portable instrument that measures the coefficient of friction very quickly and accurately. It provides very quick feedback on the effects of wax, paraffin, sizing material on the overall yarn friction values.

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Yarn Tensiometer

This accurate, hand-held Tensiometer gives the operator freedom to make necessary adjustments to the operation being checked. It is accurate within 2% (+½ g in the 25g unit).
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