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Sample Preparation

Piece Glasses & Pick Counters

Used for the magnification and counting of picks & ends in woven fabrics and to count the course and wells in knitted fabrics.

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Sartorius Digital Balances

Sartorius digital balance's are used to perform weighing tasks. They are suitable for factory or laboratory use. When used in conjunction with our specialized sample cutters area weight in oz/yd or g/m can be obtained.

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Cutting Press - 2 Ton Arbour

Handle operated manual arbour press used in conjunction with cutting dies to produce testing samples.

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Sample cuttersSample Cutters MODEL 230

Sample Cutters rapidly, accurately and safely cut out circular specimens of fixed diameter. Virtually any type material can be accommodated,including woven, non-woven and knitted textiles, carpet, film, foam, plastics, paper and board. Sandard and special order sizes available.

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